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While our focus is on working with clients using WebPT, our staff has extensive experience in a variety of software platforms. Their focus is on doing it right the first time which speeds collections. In those rare instances where things don’t go smoothly, their experience leads to a quick resolution of any issues.

Our Days in A/R and aging profiles are better than the averages reported in PT Benchmark.

Our focus is on providing exceptional customer service to our clients and their patients. This is accomplished by paying attention to the details while maintaining a professional yet firm approach.

We truly become your partners and seek to collect every penny due.


Our highly experienced staff knows how to send clean claims the first time to hasten payment. If problems do arise, we know how to resolve them quickly.

In addition to our exceptional billing and collections abilities we have extensive experience in helping you manage the business aspects of your practice. Chuck’s 35+ years in the field provides a breadth and depth of knowledge to guide you in maximizing the business side of your practice.

Clients receive customized monthly dashboards showing key metrics and trends in your practice. We provide training and monitoring to ensure that optimal coding is occuring.

In addition, business planning and coaching services are available at special rates to assist you in developing an actionable business plan, budget and financial controls.

PTCBO wants to be your partner. We are dedicated to providing the best revenue cycle services covering billing, collection and payment for Physical Therapy providers in the Western states. Our experts can help you get the revenue you deserve! We only work with physical therapists and have extensive experience in PT coding, billing and payment.

We specialize in working with clients using WebPT. In addition, we have extensive experience with Kareo, CollaborateMD, PTOS and a few other common software systems.

Our services are further enhanced by the management experience of Chuck Felder, PT, DPT, MBA a nationally recognized expert on the business aspects of physical therapy practice. Chuck provides customized reports and dashboards to assist in better understanding key metrics for your practice. Assistance in business planning, management and one-on-one coaching is available.

For information about improving the management of your revenue stream contact Chuck Felder:

  • PT Central Business Office
  • 877.851.0121
  • chuck@ptcbo.com


  • Making sure you get paid timely & correctly
  • The full cycle starts with the initial call from the patient and concludes with final payment and account closure
  • We assist you in developing solid systems

Monthly Managment Dashboards

  • Monthly Aging Reports by payer type, therapist & location
  • Days In A/R calculations
  • Monthly patient statements


  • Assistance with credentialing is available


  • We can assist in developing a comprehensive compliance program if needed
  • We monitor for compliance issues on a regular basis


  • We are fully HIPAA compliant and provide a signed Business Associate Agreement


  • We provide timely monthly reports, typically within the first five (5) business days of each month
  • Our specialized Dashboard reports show key metrics over the last 24 months to help you spot trends and make better evidence based decisions


  • PTCBO clients are eligible for special pricing for the business coaching that Chuck performs
  • Many clients utilizing the business planning, budgeting and coaching services have seen exceptional growth in their practices


  • Outsourcing billing can be both a time saver and improve your bottom line
  • Having these critical functions handled outside your office can improve customer service while also reducing the likelihood of fraud or theft in your practice


  • Chuck can assist in developing a working budget for your practice to help improve your bottom line

Why Outsource?

  • save time and money

    Save Time...Save Money

    Let us handle the billing! PTCBO can help you or your clinic ease the time spent on Patient Payments, letting you utilize your skills where they are needed most.
  • exceptional customer service

    Exceptional Customer Service

    ...from dedicated professionals.
  • reduce stress

    Reduce Management Stress

    By delegating these repetitive detail oriented complex tasks to PTCBO, you can rest assured they will be handled well and in a timely manner freeing you to focus on growing the business through excellent clinical care and outstanding customer service.
  • reduce fraud

    Reduce Likelihood of Fraud/Theft

  • get paid more faster

    Get Paid More...

    ...Get Paid Faster!
  • understand more

    Understand More

  • keep your focus on patients

    Stay Focused on Treating Patients

Frequently Asked Questions

  • New clients receive special personalized attention at the start to make sure all systems are setup to optimize payment
  • We meet with you on the phone and in person to build a solid relationship
  • Our goal is to become your partner to maximize the business aspects of your practice
  • Each client has a dedicated staff associate that is focused on collecting every penny due
  • You have a single point of contact to ensure optimal service
  • Your patients have a dedicated person to reach out to with any questions
  • You receive timely monthly reports showing key metrics over the last two years to assist in spotting trends
The first step is to contact Chuck at chuck@ptcbo.com or 877.851.0121 to discuss your current situation and options
  • We provide appropriate training above and beyond the software company training
  • Our goal is for you to become a master of the software for the issues you need on a daily basis
  • We provide coding training for your therapists as it is critical they understand optimal coding
  • We are fully HIPAA compliant and provide a signed Business Associate Agreement
  • We monitor for compliance issues on a regular basis
  • We can assist in developing a comprehensive compliance program if needed
  • Payments continue to come to your office
  • We encourage the use of electronic payments as it speeds getting money into your account
  • Your staff provides us with a simple record of all payments received in your office
  • We provide timely monthly reports, typically within the first five (5) business days of each month
  • Our specialized Dashboard reports show key metrics over the last 24 months to help you spot trends and make better evidence based decisions

We hope you never leave, but if you decide to move on we work diligently to assist in making that transition as seamless as possible

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Read what your neighbors have to say...

  • I am happy to have reached out to you, that you were willing and able to step in quickly to work with us, appreciate working with you and the team! Billing is now something I am confident is being taken care of timely, properly and with thought. Thank you again!…

    HP, California

  • We are very pleased to have Chuck Felder and his staff as an asset to our out-patient physical therapy practice. As our billing service, they are prompt, efficient, knowledgeable and up-to-date on best practices. And both Chuck and his staff are always available to answer questions we may have.…

    Sheldon Low, PT

  • PTCBO has been a game changer for my physical therapy practice. It’s a great relief knowing his friendly, competent staff can navigate all the different insurance plans and bill accordingly, leaving me free to focus on patient care. My Accounts Receivable dropped significantly when PTCBO came on board and the monthly metrics help me track any trends in payments, charges, visits etc.…

    Karleen Cox, DPT

  • I switched over to PTCBO from another service and was immediately pleased by the dramatic differences. The PTCBO staff makes me feel so comfortable that it’s just a win/win. To me, it’s worth every penny for the peace of mind and the steady stream of income.…

    Denise Kelley, DPT